CSA Recognizes Saint John Soccer Club as a Quality Soccer Provider

Saint John Soccer Club (SJSC) is happy to announce that it was recently recognized by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA) as a Quality Soccer Provider.

To be recognized as a Quality Soccer Provider in Canada, a club must prove it adheres to a strict set of standards designed by the CSA to ensure member organizations such as SJSC are providing programs that are developmentally appropriate, safe, enjoyable, accessible, inclusive and welcoming to all participants.

Saint John Soccer Club joined six other clubs across Canada who were accepted into CSA’s club licensing program for Q1.

“Congratulations to the new and upgraded clubs that have committed to meeting the standards as set out in Canada Soccer’s Club Licensing Program in Quebec, New Brunswick, and Saskatchewan. The commitment of the more than 170 Canada Soccer Club License Program clubs in Canada are a testament to the quality of player development taking place from coast-to-coast-to-coast in support of our Safe Sport Roster, and the ongoing collaboration between Canada Soccer, our Member Associations and their member clubs.”

Statement from Peter Montpoli, General Secretary for Canada Soccer

There are currently just three other programs in New Brunswick – out of the more than 170 total across the nation – who have proved they meet the requirements necessary to join CSA’s club licensing program.

The club’s volunteer board of directors has been working tirelessly to provide quality programs and to develop the sport of soccer in Greater Saint John and to have those efforts recognized by the nation’s foremost soccer authority is a huge vote of confidence for everyone involved.

“The Saint John Soccer Club is proud to offer programming that is aligned with the rigorous standards set out by the Canadian Soccer Association. This is just the beginning of our journey regarding this process and we can assure our membership that we will do everything within our power to maintain and improve our standing in the Canadian soccer community. Furthermore, we are currently working through a strategic plan that will align us with some of the most competitive clubs in Atlantic Canada by 2026. We are committed to improvement at all levels of the process and the Saint John Soccer Club is excited to be a CSA recognized Quality Soccer Provider.”

Statement from Saint John Club Vice President, Cuilean Hendra

“Le Club de soccer de Saint John est fier d’offrir une programmation qui est alignée sur les normes rigoureuses établies par l’Association canadienne de soccer. Ce n’est qu’un début. Car le comité travaille déjà à maintenir et améliorer nos standards au sein du soccer Canadien.  Ce  processus est long et rigoureux, mais, nous pouvons assurer nos membres  que nous sommes là pour eux . De plus, nous travaillons actuellement à l’élaboration d’un plan stratégique qui nous alignera avec certains des clubs les plus compétitifs du Canada atlantique d’ici 2026. Nous nous engageons à nous améliorer à tous les niveaux. En tant que Président, je suis fier que le Club de soccer Saint john soit reconnu par l’ ACS comme fournisseur de soccer de Qualité au Canada.”

Déclaration du Président du Saint John Soccer Club, Guy Verna

Click here to see the complete list of requirements needed to be recognized as a Quality Soccer Provider in Canada.

To learn more about the club and its commitment to growing the game in the Greater Saint John area, visit our About Us page.